Euro5 Komplettanlage

  • An alle SC Project wartenden:

    Dear Customer,

    Unfortunately we keep on having some industrial issues on first production of this exhaust combined with difficulties in receiving the dedicated catalysts, which in the current global situation is deeply complicated.

    We cannot do more than excusing for extended wait but until August we cannot assure the shipment.

    This situation cannot be solved soon as we were informed, we waited the supply of dedicated catalysts, necessary for homologation, but neither this time they were received.

    In case you want to proceed differently with the order please let us know but we don’t think that before August we’ll be able to be ready.

    We’re sorry about all this situation and we can only hope for your understanding.

    At your disposal for any request.

    Bin froh wenn es überhaupt dieses Jahr noch etwas wird 🤡

  • Die Kollegen aus Italien haben es tatsächlich geschafft. Meine SC Anlage wird morgen geliefert… dann kann ich im laufe der Woche mehr dazu sagen *freu*